2017 – LEXUS LC 500h

In the latest edition of the Detroit Motor Show, Asian brands presented two truly spectacular models: the Infiniti Q60 Coupe and the Lexus LC 500, both sports models, a coupe body and a radical design. Between the two, perhaps what most risked in the aesthetic was the Lexus, with a grill and extreme front lights. The same model will be presented in a hybrid version at the Geneva Motor Show, the Lexus LC 500h. A version that had its first images released by the brand. The new option that arrives in the line of the Japanese model does not present visual changes in relation to the one presented in the American show. In the images we can see a body painted an intense blue with letters in the side skirts referring to the LC 500h version. Moreover, it comes with an extreme aesthetics, radical design optics and many edges escaping from rounded shapes.

Much more information about the Lexus LC 500h has not been released, although everything indicates that it will be equipped with the new generation of hybrid systems of the brand, the Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System, which seeks a perfect combination of fun at the wheel, performance and efficiency. Some rumors indicate that it will be equipped with a 3.5-liter gasoline V6 engine and 308 horsepower combined with another electric, where together they can reach up to 470 hp. Recalling that in its presentation, the Lexus LC 500 came up with a V8 gasoline aspirated 5.0-liter engine that announced a total power of no less than 467 hp and 527 Nm of torque. The mechanics were associated with a 10-speed automatic transmission that could accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in only 4.5 seconds winter car covers.


Lexus has developed a new paint technology that creates an exclusive new shade. It’s called Blue Structural and is now available in a limited, exclusive edition of the high-end sports car, the Lexus LC Structural Blue Edition, capable of showing the brighter side of nature’s colors. For the time being, this special edition features a very limited number of Lexus LC units in the LC 500 and LC 500h versions, adding some unique equipment details such as 21-inch forged aluminum wheels and plates in fiber door sills of carbon.  In the interior were combined two shades of blue, with semi-synthetic leather in a medium tone for the door trims, steering wheel, dashboard and the central arms rests, in contrast to the fine white leather of the seats and the color of orange panels of the central panel and the door panels. The ceiling is lined in Alcantara.

The equipment is completed with the air conditioning system that maintains air temperature and air quality, the premium navigation system, the Lexus + safety system and the 12-speaker sound system. The inspiration for Lexus focused on the nature and structure of the color of the wings of a butterfly species called Blue Morpho. Native to the American continent, its wings are colorless, but the effect of light, by focusing on the micropores that give it shape, allows to offer two effects of the blue color, deeper or brighter and brighter. In fact it is a work that has been developed in the last 15 years, where external experts together with a team of Lexus, has been studying the basic principles of light to create a special effect of blue when light hits the body. The paint technology developed by Lexus allowed to achieve a new pigment with seven layers with very high levels of intense brightness and saturation. Only two units of this limited edition can be produced per day.


The LIT IS is a 41,999 LED covered Lexus IS 2017 that was created in a collaboration between Lexus and Vevo for the music video of the song ‘Be the One’ of DuaLipa. The Toyota Premium stretcher sedan has three different modes to manage complete exterior lighting, which was installed by hand, and if queued, would cover a distance of 800 meters. This particular Lexus IS 2017 can become a huge programmable screen to convey graphics as well as advanced and colorful animations. There are three distinct ways to manage LED lighting. The first was called ‘Attract’ and offers a series of graphics designed to highlight the exterior design of the new IS. A second ‘Music Viz’ mode, in which the LEDs respond to music and synchronize with the song, while the last mode, called ‘Gesture’, allows to control the animations by means of manual movements thanks to the incorporation of a game console in the own vehicle. This concept car is the result of a promotional campaign for the restyling of the Lexus IS 2017.


Lexus introduced its new premium concept equipped with automated driving technology, the LS + Concept, which will be on display at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show from October 25 to November 5 at the Tokyo Big Sight pavilion in capital of Japan.  Yoshihiro Sawa, CEO of Lexus International, reinforced the brand’s commitment to surpassing customer expectations since the launch of the first generation LS, car that redefined the concept of luxury vehicles at the time, in 1989. The executive said that Lexus will always take on new challenges to anticipate the future through a commitment to deliver exciting new experiences, as symbolized by the new ‘Amazing Experience’ slogan announced earlier this year.

Automated driving

With the goal of contributing to the achievement of a world free of traffic accidents, Lexus has been actively deploying advanced technologies based on its integrated concept of safety management, which aims to provide a more advanced level of support to drivers in all driving situations. And for everyone to enjoy safe, smooth and efficient mobility, Lexus has been developing automated driving technologies. The aim of the brand is to apply ‘Urban Teammate’ technologies for automatic driving on regular roads even in the first half of the 2020s.

LS + Concept

The LS + concept indicates the future image of the flagship LS sedan. The model will be equipped with the ‘Team Highway’ technology of automatic driving that will be feasible on fast roads in 2020. With the use of this automated steering technology, when entering an expressway, the car makes proposals about behavior, vehicle overtaking and changing lanes. The driver can approve such proposals, allowing safe and comfortable transportation to the destination. A software update system that connects the car to a Big Data central will be adopted. Such updates will enable the introduction of new features or improvements in existing ones, allowing the gradual expansion to an even better service, in addition to the improved use of Artificial Intelligence.


As a conceptual vehicle that suggests the future appearance of the LS sedan, the LS + Concept has a dignified and emblematic expression and indicates the direction of the next-generation Lexus design based on the Lexus L-finesse design philosophy. In addition to the bold evolution in the Spindle-type grille, which contributes to better cooling and aerodynamic performance, Lexus’ unique vision is expressed in the LS + concept by partially illuminated laser beacons and combined rear lights as well as electronic side mirrors.


After a long time without appearing with anything new in the line of the Lexus NX, the Japanese brand decided to break this gap by introducing a new special edition along with the new line 2017. This is the new Lexus NX 300h Sport Edition. A version that adds a more attractive, sporty and dynamic air to the image of the Premium SUV thanks to several specific elements. The exterior of the new Lexus NX 300h Sport Edition is eye-catching thanks to the black Sport Edition front grille. This tonality also appears on the outer rearview mirror casings, front and rear guards, side stirrups, and 18-inch alloy wheels. To all this must be added the darkened rear windows and the panoramic roof. Other interesting elements to highlight are the L-Shape LED headlights and the front fog lights. The SUV will be available in a total of five colors for the body: Sonic White, Titanium Black, Graphite Black and Cerise Red. In relation to the interior, there is a cabin with a more welcoming and elegant environment thanks to the new combinations of linings and upholstery offered as an option. Now it is possible to configure metal inserts, fabric upholstery of various colors and panels in black.

In terms of standard equipment, the Sport Edition version is quite complete, since it has, among other things, LED headlamps, rear view camera, cruise control, rain sensor, 18-inch Sport Edition alloy wheels, Panoramic roof, Sport Edition front grille, longitudinal roof rails, retractable heated exterior mirrors, Bluetooth & USB + Aux connection and Lexus Media Display system with 7.0-inch screen. As for the mechanical part of the new Lexus NX 300h Sport Edition there is not much to comment, since it offers no change from the conventional model. It follows using second-generation Lexus Hybrid Drive technology. Its system consists of a 2.5 liter gasoline engine, accompanied by a generator, battery and electric motor. In the all-wheel drive versions, another engine is added to the rear axle. Combined it develops 197 hp, announces CO2 emissions of 118 g / km and an average consumption of 19.6 km / l. With the arrival of this special edition, the new 2017 line of the Lexus NX 300h is composed of the following finishes: ECO, Business, Sport Edition, Executive, F-Sport and Luxury.


Since the launch of the IS-F in 2007, the theme of development of the Lexus F sports models has been “to create sports cars that can put smiles on the faces of those who want to have fun driving.” Such an approach has enhanced the sporting image of Lexus. Special limited-edition vehicles, RC-F and GS-F, announced during the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, celebrate the 10th anniversary of the birth of the ‘F’ models. They are equipped with sport dampers to improve steering stability and titanium silencers, further enhancing the driving performance for which the F models are known. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is used in exterior components for added sport appeal, and the vehicle body panels are matte  gray. The interior has a special color accentuated by the color of the ‘F’ ‘Heat Blue’ symbol. This and other features accentuate the distinctive character of the models. Lexus plans to sell limited editions RC-F and GS-F in Japan by the first quarter of 2018.


Japanese preparer Rowen has just presented his latest work, this time involving the Lexus RX 450h. Styled as SV Premium Edition, it includes a body kit that enhances the sporty side of the model. The mechanical part was not changed. In addition to the exterior modifications, there is an exhaust system made entirely of titanium and four outlets in harmony with the rear diffuser, along with a new frame for the rear fog lamp, which is mounted in the central position. Changes were made to the original components by installing 8 LED daytime running lights on the front spoiler. On the side, there are new skirts that approach the body from the asphalt. There are still prominent 22-inch alloy wheels with tires measuring 265/35 R22. In relation to the interior, no changes were made.


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